Check the entitlements for your role as a speaker, chair, reviewer, abstract author or case submitter.

Role in congress programme

Mandatory to attend session?

Congress registration

Financial contribution for travel / accommodation in EUR (€)

Honorarium in EUR (€) for presentations submitted with an audio narration by 7 August, 2021 1

Chair (moderator) Yes (on site)


0 0
Key opinion leader 2 Yes (on site) Free Travel and accommodation costs covered 0
Speaker/ discussant (Barcelona based; up to 150 km) Yes (on site) Free 150 150
Speaker/  discussant (based in Europe 3) Yes (on site) Free 450 150

Speaker/ discussant (based outside of Europe)

Yes (on site) Free 1,350 150
Speaker/discussant (online) Yes (online) Free (online) No travel required 150
Speaker in a pre-recorded session No Free (online) No travel required 100
Game zone facilitator / championship participant (Barcelona based; up to 150 km) Yes (on site) Free 150 0
Game zone facilitator / championship participant (based in Europe3) Yes (on site) Free 450 0
Game zone facilitator / championship participant (based outside of Europe) Yes (on site) Free 1,350 0
Abstract reviewer / case reviewer No 50% discount to register for the whole Congress 4,5 No travel required 0

Honorarium will be offered only to speakers/discussants who upload their presentation(s) by the deadline on 7 August, 2021.

Key opinion leaders are kindly asked to moderate several sessions allocated in the morning or afternoon slots. 

3 The European countries list is based on the WHO European Region list.

50% discount based on the registration fee available at the time of the registration and based on the category the faculty member belongs to.

Abstract and case reviewers up to 40 years of age will be offered a free registration

Important notes

  • Participants will be asked to declare any external sponsorship or funding that they receive to support their attendance at the ERS International Congress. If a participant receives partial or complete sponsorship for their accommodation or flight, they are no longer eligible for ERS financial support. Speakers / discussants whose participation in the congress is covered by ERS in full (e.g. ERS officers) will not be entitled to the financial contribution mentioned above.
  • All speakers, discussants, chairs, panellists and presenters are responsible for their own accommodation and travel arrangements.
  • ERS financial contribution cannot be cumulated.

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