The virtual ERS International Congress 2020 has now ended, however, session recordings are available for registered participants to watch again until 30 December, 2020.

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The lecture-based sessions will this year be part of a live-streamed programme and will include the following session types: 

    • Hot topics – sessions that cover the latest developments in respiratory medicine or in topics of interest to respiratory professionals.
      • Bugs' secrets: the way the microbiome changes our future more information
      • Exciting new developments in lung cancer screening, diagnostics and treatment more information
      • Innovations in airway innervation: treatments for chronic cough more information
      • Insights from wearable respiratory sensors and AI more information
      • Interstitial lung disease patients in the intensive care unit more information
      • Pneumothorax: to drain or not to drain more information coming soon
      • (Re-)discovering the small airway epithelium in COVID-19, fibrosing lung diseases and pulmonary regeneration more information
      • Rethinking asthma more information
      • The changing and challenging landscape of the global tobacco epidemic: from vaping to cannabis? PRE-RECORDED MATERIAL ONLY  more information
    • Joint sessions - sessions created in collaboration with other societies (ESTS, ECFS)
      • Updates in cystic fibrosis (A joint ERS/ECFS symposium) more information 
      • What’s new with grand-glass opacities? (A joint ERS/ESTS symposium) more information 
      • Skills training and assessment in pulmonary medicine and surgery (A joint ERS/ESTS symposium) more information 
    • Journal sessions – sessions where recently published articles from NEJM, JAMA, Lancet and ERJ journals are presented by the authors.
    • Primary care programme – sessions presenting the newest information dedicated to primary care practitioners that play a key role in the delivery of respiratory care.
    • Pro/con debates
      • Does the global warming potential of propellants in metered-dose inhalers matter? more information
      • Lung cancer screening: is it ready for implementation? more information
      • Do I need a robot in my thoracic surgery operating theatre? more information
    • Respiratory meets other disciplines – sessions where respiratory medicine experts and experts from one other discipline will meet and present links between both speciality areas
      • Breathing disorders and cardiovascular diseases more information
      • Rheumatology: understanding connective tissue disease in patients with interstitial lung disease more information
      • Precision endotyping of asthma: time for action more information
    • State of the art – sessions with high-quality presentations delivered by world-leading clinical experts. They are designed to offer delegates both an opportunity to learn more about topics and diseases that they are less familiar with, as well as an opportunity to learn about the latest developments within specific fields of expertise. State-of-the-art sessions will cover eight major respiratory disease domains.
    • Symposia – sessions where experts will present key aspects of respiratory medicine or topics of interest to respiratory professionals. Details of symposia are available in the online programme.

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