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    Highlights for nurses

    Nurses and respiratory specialist nurses are a key part of the allied respiratory professional community, and they are involved in almost all care programmes for patients with respiratory diseases.

    Respiratory nurses have an important role in patient education, the enhancement of patient self-management and the management of care. An increasingly important element of the respiratory nurse’s role is to act as a clinical study nurse and coordinator, which is of vital importance to nursing research and facilitating clinical research.

    In keeping with the World Health Organization’s Year of the Nurse and Midwife campaign, we are delighted to share Congress programme highlights for nurses and respiratory specialist nurses. ERS thanks the Nurses Group for your contributions to the respiratory community and our Society, and recognises the important role that nurses play in supporting patients on the front lines of healthcare.

    Hear from the ERS Nurses Group (09.03)

    Andreja Šajnić is the Chair of the ERS Group 09.03 for Nurses.

    She is based in the Department for Respiratory Diseases at Jordanovac, University Hospital Center Rebro in Zagreb, Croatia.

    Her clinical expertise and research interests are nursing-led interventions in critically ill patients admitted to the ICU, as well as non-invasive therapy and ventilation therapies in sleep breathing disorders.

    Alongside colleagues in the ERS Nurses Group, Andreja has authored publications on the potential for developing European standards for the training of respiratory nurses.

    Q: What makes the ERS Congress unique for respiratory nurses?

    A: For respiratory nurses, the ERS Congress is a wonderful opportunity to connect, turn acquaintances into friends, and present their experience and research. It is an excellent example of where respiratory nurses from all fields, from academia to clinical practice, can share their ideas and cooperate. Amazing opportunities are offered, especially to early career members at the beginning of their professional careers.

    I would take this opportunity and give my gratitude to all nurses around the world who were on the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic. I thank all of you for your sacrifice, hard work and effort in keeping healthcare systems going in these difficult and challenging times. Be proud and keep safe!

    Q: In your opinion, what will be the popular topics for nurses during this year's Congress, and what will be a particular highlight for you?

    A: A particular highlight for Nurses Group 9.3 will be the Oral presentation, ‘Novel insights into nursing interventions for managing patients with asthma and COPD’ (Wednesday 9 September, 15:40–16:40 CEST) and other sessions in pre-Congress content, such as the E-poster session ‘Challenges and updates in nursing care around the world’ (available from Monday 24 August).

    Q: Are there any particular sessions or activities that you highly recommend nurses participate in?

    A: A highly recommend symposium is, ‘Fear and anxiety, psychological wellbeing and prevention of psychological distress in chronic lung diseases’ (Tuesday 8 September, 14:30–15:30 CEST), including an exciting presentation, ‘Nurse-led cognitive behavioural therapy in COPD’ by K. Heslop-Marshall.

    Other sessions recommended for nurses are: ‘Best abstracts in the field of pulmonary rehabilitation’ (Tuesday 8 September, 15:40–16:40 CEST); 'Digital health: a brave new world' (Wednesday 9 September, 11:50–12:50 CEST); and the Assembly members' meeting 'Assembly 9: Allied respiratory professionals' (Sunday 6 September, 14.30–15.30 CEST).

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