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    Highlights for allied respiratory professionals

    Allied respiratory professionals (ARPs), including physiotherapists, technologists, scientists, nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists and nutritionists, are involved at all stages of respiratory care, from prevention, diagnosis and evaluation, to treatment and management of acute and chronic respiratory diseases.

    ARPs are particularly involved in the rehabilitation of patients with chronic respiratory conditions and are often the patient's first point of contact. ARPs have been especially important for supporting the recovery of COVID-19 patients following hospitalisation, highlighting the importance of ARP-led interventions and the transfer of knowledge between different professional groups and in multidisciplinary teams.

    Hear from the ERS Allied Respiratory Professionals Assembly    

    Daniel Langer is Secretary of the ERS Allied Respiratory Professionals Assembly.

    He is Assistant Professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences at Katholieke Universiteit (KU) Leuven, Belgium.

    Dr Langer's research focus is on the effects of pulmonary rehabilitation on symptoms, physical fitness, functional capacity and participation in daily physical activity in chronic respiratory disease.

    He has specifically been involved in developing novel methods for respiratory muscle conditioning for use in pulmonary rehabilitation programs both in stable outpatients and in critically ill patients admitted to the intensive care unit.

    Q: What makes the ERS Congress unique for allied respiratory professionals?

    A: For our members, the annual Congress is a great platform to access the latest scientific content, share experiences, establish new collaborations and meet friends. I hope that the virtual format will enable many of our enthusiastic early career members to participate in the Congress. 

    Q: Are there any particular sessions or activities that you highly recommend allied respiratory professionals participate in?

    A: The symposium 'Lung health and respiratory function at all ages' (Monday 7 September, 14:30­–15:30 CEST) and the Hot Topic session 'Insights from wearable respiratory sensors and AI' (Wednesday 9 September, 09:30­–10:30 CEST) will be of special interest to our members as well as the symposia 'Managing frailty in patients with acute and chronic lung disorders' (Wednesday 9 September, 18:00­–19:00 CEST) and 'Exercise and sleep: from impaired function to new therapeutic strategies' (Monday 7 September, 18:00­–19:00 CEST). I can imagine that the session 'Digital health: a brave new world' (Wednesday 9 September, 11:50­–12:50 CEST) will also be very relevant for our members in these special times. I also hope that many of our members will actively engage in the oral presentation sessions of abstracts from our groups. 

    Q: In your opinion, what will be the popular topics for allied respiratory professionals during this year's Congress, and what will be a particular highlight for you?

    A: A particular highlight for our assembly will be the symposium 'Fear and anxiety, psychological wellbeing and prevention of psychological distress in chronic lung diseases' (Tuesday 8 September, 14:30­–15:30 CEST). The symposium has been organised by the future ERS scientific working group 09.04 'Psychologists and Behavioural Scientists'. From September, this group will complement the three existing scientific working groups of our assembly: 09.01 'Respiratory Function Technologists/Scientists'; 09.02 'Physiotherapists'; and 09.03 'Nurses', thereby further strengthening the profile of multidisciplinary respiratory care within ERS.

    Recommended sessions for allied respiratory professionals

    We are pleased to offer a range of sessions during this year’s Congress which address the needs, current issues and future developments in respiratory care from a multidisciplinary perspective.

    Our top picks include:

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