ERS leaders’ top picks – Anita Simonds

Anita Simonds is the European Respiratory Society (ERS) President Elect.

She is Consultant in Respiratory and Sleep Medicine at Royal Brompton Hospital and Professor of Respiratory and Sleep Medicine at the UK National Heart and Lung Institute.

She is a past chief editor of Breathe, ERJ Open Research and several ERS Handbooks.

Her research interests focus on sleep disordered breathing and acute and chronic respiratory failure in adults and children, and she has been actively involved in the ERS COVID-19 response.

Q: As ERS President Elect, what are you most looking forward to about this year’s virtual event?

A: As this is the first virtual ERS Congress, I am hoping it will be innovative, exciting and fun! Not only should there be the opportunity to catch up on new developments across all respiratory fields, I hope our research team members can share their research in both large forums and break-out sessions.  In the future, there may well be blended events with some people attending physically, and other content being virtual. Our aim is to find the best way forward to deliver respiratory science, education and advocacy, so that all of our worldwide members and their patients benefit.

Q: What in your opinion will be the hot topics for sleep disordered breathing / respiratory failure specialists during this year's Congress?

Q: Tell us your top three picks from the virtual Congress programme:

1. Management of difficult-to-wean patients

2. Hypoxia: protective and harmful mechanisms from wakefulness to sleep

3. Personalized medicine in ARDS

* Please note that for sessions which are not linked to above, the details will be available in due course.

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