Paediatric respiratory diseases

Lung problems account for about one quarter of all visits by children to a general practitioner, and airway damage in early life can impact lung development and contribute to an increased risk of developing chronic lung disease in later life.

These factors emphasise the importance of research that seeks to understand the origins of lung disease and the continuing need to improve treatments for children and young people with lung conditions, to improve patient outcomes and quality of life, and to reduce the burden of lung disease in later life.

The virtual Congress programme spotlights this disease area with a dedicated track for paediatric respiratory diseases, offering a variety of activities for health professionals involved in the care and management of young people with lung conditions and for those who conduct paediatric research.

To view all sessions included in this specialist track, you need to access the online programme, click on 'Advanced' and select 'Paediatric respiratory diseases' from the ‘Diseases’ options. The programme can also be used to search for keywords, speakers and dates and to build your customised Congress agenda.

Hear from the ERS Paediatrics Assembly

We spoke to ERS officers who specialise in paediatrics to find out what you can expect from the virtual Congress and which programme highlights you should not miss. See what they told us:

Professor Jonathan Grigg, ERS Paediatrics Assembly Head

Q: What can professionals specialising in paediatric respiratory diseases expect to gain from taking part in this year's Congress?

A: The paediatric content of this year’s Congress not only will keep you up to date on the management of children with respiratory conditions, but also will present the science underpinning current and future treatments.

Q: Is there a particular session in the paediatric respiratory diseases programme that should not be missed?

A: Please follow our Paediatric respiratory disease track. All of our sessions will be interesting and thought provoking, but don't miss the Symposium on Monday 7 September (11:50–12:50 CEST), ‘Which paediatric asthma guidelines are the most appropriate for children and adolescents?

Professor Marielle Pijnenburg, ERS Paediatrics Assembly Secretary

Q: What in your opinion will be the popular topics in the paediatric respiratory diseases field during this year's Congress, and what will be particular highlight for you?

A: Every year our paediatric Grand round, Year in review and State-of-the-art sessions are very popular and well attended. We put a lot of effort in to inviting top end speakers who discuss new findings in several areas. Personally, I very much look forward to the symposium on asthma guidelines that focuses on hot topics in asthma management. Also, the symposium on respiratory diseases in children and adults looks very promising and very nicely fits the theme of this year’s conference.

Dr Cristina Ardura-Garcia, ERS Paediatrics Assembly early career representative

Q: As an early-career professional with a focus on paediatric respiratory diseases, why is the upcoming Congress valuable to career development?

A: The ERS annual International Congress is a unique opportunity to hear first-hand the most recent advances in research and clinical care of respiratory diseases in children. The outstanding presentations by experienced researchers always inspire me with new and highly relevant research questions that are key to develop my own projects and advance my research career.

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