Interstitial lung diseases

Interstitial lung disease is the umbrella term for more than 300 different conditions associated with widespread inflammation and/or fibrosis of the alveolar walls. Many interstitial lung diseases are rare and can be difficult to treat, so it is essential that the medical community continues to conduct research in this disease area to improve patient quality of life and treatment outcomes.

This year’s virtual Congress programme will include a dedicated track with a variety of sessions and activities for health professionals involved in the treatment and management of interstitial lung diseases and for those with research interests in this disease area.

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Hear from the ERS Interstitial Lung Diseases Assembly

We spoke to ERS officers who specialise in this disease area to find out what you can expect from the virtual Congress and which programme highlights you should not miss. See what they told us:

Professor Venerino Poletti, ERS Interstitial Lung Diseases Assembly Head

Q: What can professionals specialising in interstitial lung diseases expect to gain from taking part in this year's Congress?

A: New data regarding pathogenesis, classification, diagnostic strategies and treatment of interstitial lung diseases will be presented and discussed in detail.

Q: Is there a particular session in the interstitial lung diseases track that should not be missed?

A: Usually, the clinical Year in review is the most attended session that could have an impact on the daily clinical practice, but I suggest to also attend the session dedicated to interstitial lung disease pathogenesis and treatment update.

Professor Katerina Antoniou, ERS Interstitial Lung Diseases Assembly Secretary

Q: What in your opinion will be the popular topics in the interstitial lung disease field during this year's Congress, and what will be particular highlight for you?

A: Interstitial lung diseases are in the centre of attention, as pulmonary fibrosis could be a severe sequela after acute respiratory distress syndrome. Moreover, a huge achievement in progressive fibrotic diseases treatment, novel pathobiology and diagnosis Task Forces will be discussed.

Dr Tiago Alfaro, ERS Interstitial Lung Diseases Assembly early career representative

Q: As an early-career professional with a focus on interstitial lung diseases, why is the upcoming Congress valuable to career development?

A: This year’s virtual Congress programme includes a number of training sessions, symposia and workshops on the most dynamic areas of ILD, such as connective tissue disease-associated interstitial lung disease (CTD-ILD), acute ILD and progressive fibrosis. It’s a perfect chance to learn from the international experts who are leading the field, which has become even more important with recent travel restrictions. The virtual format is built so that there will be a high level of interactivity. It’s also a platform for the presentation and discussion of the latest research findings and for networking with peers and international experts. There will be dedicated sessions for early career members, discussing opportunities for further involvement with ERS, which can also be very useful for career development.

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