Access useful information to prepare for your role as a speaker, chair, reviewer, abstract author or case submitter.


Scientific and educational programme sessions


Case-based interactive sessions

Lungs on fire*

Challenging clinical cases*

Grand round 

  • Discussant
  • Chairman/Panellist
  • Chairman
  • Case presenter

*General instructions-guidelines for clinical case submitters-presenters


Abstract sessions

Discussant Chairs/coordinators
Clinical trials session: ALERT
  • Clinical trials session: ALERT
  • Oral presentation
  • Poster discussion and keywords
  • Thematic poster
  • How to chair thematic poster and poster discussion sessions


General instructions for abstract authors

  • Oral presentation
  • Poster discussion

  • Thematic poster
  • Clinical trials session
  • Information and guidelines on e-poster preparation 


Abstract reviewer guidelines

  • Abstract reviewer guidelines
  • Abstract allocation guidelines
  • Late-breaking abstract reviewer guidelines
  • Late-breaking abstract allocation guidelines

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