National Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases


National Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases (NITLD) is the leading Polish and Eastern-European research clinical center with vast experience in the basic and translational respiratory research mainly focused on lung cancer, COPD, bronchial asthma and interstitial lung diseases.

Institute consists of 4 clinical and 7 diagnostic/research departments, assists more than 1000 inpatients and 3000 outpatients annually. As the national reference respiratory center, it is home for the national registries for lung cancer, alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (AATD), tuberculosis, and biobanks for lung cancer and multi-drug resistant Mycobacterium strains. NITLD is active in number of national and international scientific collaborative projects, mainly in lung cancer, COPD, AATD, interstitial lung diseases and pulmonary embolism. It is the major Polish teaching institution for respiratory professionals, MD and non-MD, organizing>30 postgraduate courses with >1000 participants/year.

Department of Genetics and Clinical Immunology is the leading Polish research and diagnostic laboratory dedicated to respiratory disorders. It is the national reference AATD diagnostic laboratory, coordinates the Polish nation-wide and Central-Eastern European Alpha-1 Network targeted AATD screening program for respiratory patients (>900/year). It is a part of ERN LUNG project. Likewise, Department is the key Polish center for molecular diagnostics of lung cancer (>1200 tests/year).

International Experience

The applicant host - Department of Genetics and Clinical Immunology has a considerable history of international cooperation as a scientific and teaching center including experience in coordinating the EU-funded international project. It is the coordinating center for the Central and Eastern European (CEE) Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency Network. Since 2010, it has welcomed number (~10) of international researchers, mostly from CEE region. Moreover, since 2014 the visiting professor from the Hannover Medical School, Germany is a part of the team. Likewise, in January 2017 the post-doctoral researcher from Republic of Serbia is joining in for the period of 30 months. Department actively partakes in the professional training programs for board certification in respiratory medicine and laboratory immunodiagnostics, as well as postgraduate training for respective specialists, but also for nurses, microbiologists and others. Department leads the BS and PhD training and research projects. Links with the non-scientific sector are represented by the joint research projects with the R&D pharma laboratories including research consortium funded by the Polish Ministry of Science; researcher initiated grants funded by the industry, research grants funded by the non-profit foundations and NGOs.

Research infrastructure

Clinical Research Infrastructure: NITLD's clinical departments are fully equipped providing excellent and up-to-date infrastructure for clinical research including imagining (CT scanners, NMR), lung functional diagnostics (bodypletysmography, DLco, optoelectronic plethysmography, cardiopulmonary exercise testing), biopsy (EBUS, EUS, kryobiopsy). As a tertiary clinical center NITLD provides opportunity to collect clinical data and biological material from patients with the vast spectrum of respiratory disorders including common (COPD, bronchial asthma, lung cancer) and rare diseases (cystic fibrosis, AATD, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, sarcoidosis and other interstitial lung diseases, mesothelioma).

The department of thoracosurgery is the largest in the country. Basic research infrastructure (departments of genetics, clinical immunology, microbiology, pathology): NITLD's research departments are fully equipped with modern technologies (PCRs, real-time PCRs, sequencing, electrophoresis, spectrometry, fluorimetry, colorimetry, nephelometry, flow cytometry (10 optical channels), complete infrastructure for cell cultures, bacterial and Mycobacterium cultures. NITLD coordinates/participates in research projects within national and international cooperation. Research activity is funded by Ministry of Higher Education and Science, within research grants from The National Center for Research and Development and through other national (foundations, NGOs) and international programs including EU-funded programs. The research and clinical teams consist of experienced and well published specialists (nationally and internationally).

  • Host center eligibility:

    Global fellowships (return phase only)\ European fellowships

  • Research areas:

    Asthma\ Bronchiectasis\ COPD\ Interstitial lung disease\ Lung cancer\ Molecular biology

  • Type of research:

    Basic Science\ Translational Research

  • Address:

    Plocka 26 str,
    01-138 Warsaw

  • Contact person 1:

    Joanna Chorostowska – Wynimko

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  • Contact person 2:

    Joanna Dziwiszek

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